#23: This utopian vision is very close to a dystopian vision
Jaakko Tapaninen
May 12, 2022

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Together with my friend Marko Ahtisaari we are doing a series of podcasts on Web3. In this episode, we talk to Kevin Abosch, a conceptual artist who sold a photo of a potato for over a million euros, put himself on the blockchain, and is currently algorithmically designing wallhangings for this year’s Helsinki Festival. We spoke to Kevin about his journey as an artist, his experiments with blockchain and NFTs, and his take on Web3.
“Right now we are at peak confusion,” he says. “Things can go very dark very quickly if people don’t take the time to philosophically understand how this technology may or may not serve us in the immediate and long term future.”

We hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did.

Jaakko & Marko

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