Content Strategy The focus of a content strategy is to understand where your strategic goals meet the needs of your target group. This tells you what content is worth producing. Then we figure out how it should be created and governed and what the right channels for it are, and how we can track our success?

What you get is an Actionable Executive Content Manual.

Event Strategy

When everyone wants a piece of you, it is easy to lose focus – and control of your time. Everything is easier if you have a spotted the stages you should be on and have a plan to get on them. 

What you get: Events Calendar with Checklist.

Stakeholder Strategy

If you define, group and rank your stakeholders carefully it is easy to serve them right. No one is forgotten, everyone gets the right message. 

What you get: Stakeholder Map with Engagement Manual.

Strategy Facilitation

Strategy is choices. They are often difficult to see, hard to crystallize and painful to make. An experienced outside facilitator can be of great help.

What you get: A facilitator and a tested process to structure, weigh and discuss the choices you must make. Finally you get a Draft for your Strategy.


Websites and Website Content Your website is your digital real estate, and often the only thing in cyberspace that you can truly control. Great content will help you to rank right, and tell your story as it is. You have to give your visitors a reason to come back several times before you can think of engaging with them. Great Point produces website content that alignes with your strategy. If needed we can build whole sites too with our partners.

Blogs and Articles 

Blogs are a fantastic tool to build your own audience, to explain complicated things. When you have a blog you are not at the mercy of others to tell the world what’s important. Great bloggers are followed by the media and are often asked to write articles to other media outlets. Great Point’s mission is to help its clients become the most trusted sources in their own field.

Books and eBooks

Sometimes you have to write a whole book to get your idea across. Actually, to introduce a new idea into the world, a physical book that appears at an exact point in time is often the most impactful way to go. When you are doing a manual on how to do things, an eBook is great.


A great podcast relaxes, educates and engages, dives deep, gets personal, surprises and convinces. When you want to serve your audience, maybe even build a community and gain some credibility points on the way, podcast is fantastic tool. But, like a blog, this is a long game.


Videos may rule the world but it is a crowded place. Before you do a video, you should ask if it is the best way to explain your thing. If the answer is yes, you should then ask if you should put your money into the script, the acting, the music or the technical production value. Once you have answers that align with your goals, start making videos that matter.


Do you need help preparing for your next keynote, or board meeting, or pitch for a bunch of investors? Maybe a new set of slides? Ideas for the narrative? Would you like to train with someone who’s been there too? We can help you with all of this, and again, the more we can align all of the tactical choices with your company’s strategy, the better.


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

the first thing THEY want to know is what the leader thinks.

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