A Nordic Renaissance Awaits
Jaakko Tapaninen
Aug 8, 2022

I’ve never been able to decide whether MONOCLE is a nostalgic endeavor or the way of the future. Is it a living museum of a disappearing craft, or does it represent something that will eventually save us from digital intoxication?
Holding the new Monocle Companion in my hand was a joy in two ways. I have not done long-form print journalism for quite a while, and when I saw and touched the essay I contributed to the book, I could feel the same magic as when I saw my first article in print decades ago. The joy also came from the product itself: the elegance of the writing, the beautiful production, the rigorous editing, and the attention to detail. A soothing and optimistic sentiment sets in when reading something that is this well made. Past or future, I have to admire what these people do.
And my essay? It is about the future of the Nordic region. Soon, when all of us are in Nato, the old neighborly ties will become more vital than ever, and we will be well prepared, as a family of nations, to tackle not only military threats but also pressing social and environmental challenges. So I believe a Nordic renaissance awaits, and that for just about any serious business the Nordic market is the home market. 

Jaakko Tapaninen | Great Point Ltd
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