strategy & INSIGHTS

We Facilitate Strategies and Gather Stakeholder Intelligence

We work mostly with foundations, cities, and museums, but also with some scaleups. Most of the work is strategy facilitation together with CEOs, boards and management groups. Whenever we can, we prefer to gather stakeholder intelligence and also involve as much of the organization as possible. A great strategy is a dialogue between desire and reality, but also between leadership and personnel. 

We serve mission-driven organizations. While their values and their will guide them, they have to know the terrain. Therefore stakeholder interviews, focus groups and surveys are an irreplaceable component of a great strategy. And and indispensable way to check progress.


Strategy Light

This can be done in a week to address a pressing challenge. Two workshops and some polishing and you are done.

Strategy Medium

This includes thorough interviews with key stakeholders, a questionnaire to staff and several workshops with management and board to align the whole organization behind the strategic decisions.


Strategy Premium

For this we will also do a thorough analysis of the environment, expand the reach among the stakeholders and ensure accountability by designing impact metrics..

Stakeholder Intelligence


Surveys are a must when you want to listen to a large organization. Listening is the key here, not just having people check boxes.


Nothing beats sitting down with someone and focusing on listening to what they have say.

Focus Groups

A focus group is great when you want to check the pulse of a group or develop ideas.